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    Balance and harmony are at the forefront of design, experience aesthetics and practicality together in your living spaces.

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    We give your spaces a unique identity with customer-specific, modern and functional designs.

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    We create creative spaces with the combination of art and design and offer fine craftsmanship in every detail.

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    Sanat ve tasarımın birleşimiyle yaratıcı mekanlar oluşturuyor, her detayda ince işçilik sunuyoruz.

We bring our experiences to living spaces

As Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration (Fatih Kıral Mobilya ve Dekorasyon), we offer our customers solutions to beautify their living spaces with our wide range of services. With our expert team and creative designs, we realize special projects in every area from your home to your office, from restaurants and hotels to outdoor spaces.

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"Discover Our Story"

Designing the future from today - welcome to our architecture

Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration is recognized as a leading brand in the furniture industry in Turkey. Founded in 1980 as a continuation of the family tradition, the brand entered the sector by opening its first store on Bağdat Street on the Asian side of Istanbul. This initiative was realized with the aim of bringing quality and original design to the furniture industry.

As Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration, our aim is to beautify our customers' living spaces with high quality furniture and decoration solutions that offer aesthetics and functionality together. Each of our products aims to create comfortable and elegant environments suitable for lifestyles.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we aim to serve their needs with customized, original designs and solutions. By establishing long-term relationships based on trust with our customers, we strive to make their dream living spaces a reality.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading and pioneering brand in the furniture and decoration industry. We not only offer products to our customers, but also aim to inspire their lives with our innovative designs and customer-oriented service. By combining quality, elegance and functionality, we continue to offer solutions that add value to every living space and to be the reliable partner of our customers. In this direction, we aim to make people's lives even more beautiful by leading the innovations in the sector.

We Create Iconic Designs with Lifelong Lasting Projects

As Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration, we offer modern and original solutions to design life-long projects. We bring aesthetic and functional touches to your living spaces with iconic designs.


Identifying Customer Needs

We communicate closely with our customers and clearly define the requirements and objectives of their projects.


Design and Planning

Design and Planning We create design concepts and project planning according to the identified needs.


Application and Manufacturing

We manage the production and implementation phases to bring design plans to life. In this process, we pay attention to quality and timing.


Delivery and Final Evaluation

After the completion of the project, we carry out the delivery and evaluate the satisfaction of our customers by receiving their feedback.

We in the Press

We share with you the latest developments and innovations in Fatih Kıral Furniture and Decoration. You can find updates about our latest projects and designs here.